Each of Lynn Hatzius’ compositions is the result of a wondrous journey. Her themes and subjects have often traveled from the tip of an old master’s brush many centuries ago before being reproduced by a printing press in more modern. Once in printed form, they may linger on a bookseller’s shelf for years or are forgotten in a seldom-used library, before finding their way into Lynn’s own collection of printed matter. A constantly changing treasure trove of material, new and old, stumbled upon in charity shops, bookstores, or flea market stalls. Once there, it can take a while before these same themes and images are awakened through the mesmerising process of collage.

Lynn often uses the portrait of a person as a starting point for her work. She is particularly drawn to the anonymity of the found material. A man or woman captured in an old photograph serves as a mirror for her own reflections. She alters the physicality of her subject by adding image elements to suggest feelings of loss and emptiness, but also of growth and completeness.