Refuge, inspiration and driving force

Solo show of old and new works that explore my relationship to nature and how my relocation from London to a rural area outside Stockholm has intensified my appreciation of the natural world.

January - April 2020, Bee Urban, Stockholm, Sweden

Patience II (2012)

9x13cm, Vintage photograph, cut paper

Patience I (2012)

8x13cm, Vintage photograph, cut paper

Holding on (2012), 17x21cm, Cut reproductions of Old Master paintings

Our Brain (2020), 14.5x20cm, Vintage book page and lichens

Female Anatomy (2020), 14.5x20cm, paper and stensöta fern

In it Together (2008), 30x40cm, Giclee print of original collage, edition of 25

Old Masters: Setting free (2012), 23x31cm, Paper collage

Old Masters: Cradling (2012), 23x31cm, Paper collage

Spanish Lady (2010), 30x40cm, Photo Polymer gravure, edition of 25

Trudging on (2013), 18x26cm, Vintage book page and cut paper

Waiting (2012), 12x17cm, Vintage book page and cut paper