A Journey into Printed Matter

Collages created from visual treasures found amongst vintage printed material, such as old books and magazines, shown as a solo exhibition in the gallery space of a second hand book store.

Aug-Sept 2014, Fire Fly Books, Hackney, London

Derailed (2014), 11.5x16cm, Vintage paper collage

After the Quake (2014), 22.5x30.5cm, Vintage paper collage

Waiting (2013), 14.5x19cm, Collage of cut book pages

By the sea (2013), 17.5x11cm, Paper collage

Holding tight (2013), 7.2x11cm, Paper collage

Heaviness (2013), 7.3x11cm, Paper collage

Calmness (2013), 7x11cm, Paper collage

Tangled (2013), 7x12cm, Paper collage

Holding tight (2013), 17.2x11cm, Paper collage

Lost I (2012), 12.5x19cm, Paper collage

Lost II (2012), 12.5x19cm, Paper collage

Stillness (2013), 13x8.5cm, Paper collage

Essay by Rebecca Baillie written on the occasion of the exhibition.