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First signs of spring

Autumnal delights

The effects of lockdown on our mental health

Positive effects of the pandemic on nature

Resolutions for a post-covid future

The problem with plastic packaging

The lack of high-speed Broadband in rural areas

Appreciating autumn migrant birds

On darkness and night time activity in nature

'NIMBY' (Not In My Back Yard) attitude to modern development

The wishful thinking of biofuel as a viable energy source

Negative effects of roadside clearing

Walking the byways of England and Wales

Our mixed feelings towards seagulls

The effects of Brexit on British farming

Lichens and mosses

Anthropomorphism vs real interest and care for animals

The wonders of star gazing

The emergence of spring

The calming effect of water

The 'dresser' - a sheep's beautician

Awkward meeting on a tight country path

Financial struggles of farmers

'Good' and 'bad' animals in the wild

The magic of the ebb and flow of tides

The beauty of the Scottish coastline

The gradual change of summer to autumn

Celebrating the regeneration of Wigtown

Self sufficiency and ecological concern

The revival of ancient pilgrims' paths

The mystery of pre-historic standing stones

How we try to control time

Land Reform and right of access in the Scottish countryside

The pleasure of a picnic and finding the right spot